Two men overcome personal obstacles in order to find love for one another; one fighting to triumph over years of the most entrenched of social programming, the other who must learn love again after the most crippling of human losses.

Won't you join us in a partnership of the times...

      a venture for the future....

In the early days of advertising Procter and Gamble basically launched the soap opera industry as a way to get their products in front of potential buyers.  And guess what...it worked!

Today as content creators get more and more savvy so do the ways and means become for us to successfully stream our content before Global viewers.

The Branden Blinn Media Group has a proven market (over 37,000,000 YouTube views)...and the stories that do the best are those that Branden Blinn, personally cared the most about.   It is the very elements of those popular stories that comprise the underbelly of ENTITLEMENT.

We believe there exists today an alcohol brand who is enthusiastically looking to thrust themselves and their brand  into the limelight of present day way of doing business while, capturing the attention of those just coming of age along with their parents and their grandparents as well...a Brand that is just as timeless as us and our stories.   Placing them at the pinnacle of success ahead of everyone else...ahead of the times.