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Mike Fuller, Executive Producer/Development

Mike Fuller, who helped launch the Branden Blinn Media Group, has Executive Produced nearly all of the company’s content and has been involved in development, funding, financing and programming since its inception. Mike is a longtime supporter of LGBTQ business, community, political, and human rights issues. With more than two decades as a globally focused senior executive with IBM and United Health Group, his business acumen is inextricably linked to his involvement in advancing diversity for all people, especially in the LGBTQ community. He has served on the boards of the Victory Institute, the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce and the Hetrick-Martin Institute which founded the Harvey Milk High School. As an executive producer and producer, he has been an unwavering advocate for independent film and filmmakers—bringing important, award-winning stories and perspectives to life for audiences around the world.



Tim Williams, Executive Producer/Operations


Tim Williams, who oversees Operations, Production and Finance, has financed and Executive Produced nearly all of The Branden Blinn Media Group's content.  He has worked for IBM for over 35 years in technology programming, sales and marketing positions, with expertise in Hybrid Cloud, middleware, DevOps, systems management.  Tim's experience includes Aspera software, an Emmy Award winning technology for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development for an innovative high-speed data transfer. Aspera utilized by top internet distributors, including Netflix and HBO, has transformed the way media content is ingested, produced, managed, distributed and delivered today.


Branden Blinn, Writer/Director/Producer

Branden Blinn is a content creator who has written, directed and produced over 30 short film and episodic web form content, most of it for YouTube. Created by Branden, our YouTube Channel has achieved over 100,000 subscribers and and over 40,000,000 worldwide views - mostly by word of mouth and with zero advertising. When asked by HERE media what the secret  to his success was he replied, "It's simple we produce honest, compelling, high quality content geared toward a market few creative communities cater to but we care deeply about. 

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Bridget Hornberger, Producer/Marketing/Sales 


Bridget Hornberger has also been involved with The Branden Blinn Media Group since it's inception.  Bridget (credited as Bridget O'Rourke) financed Branden Blinn's very first short film and his been involved in development, production, operations, marketing and sales.  A seasoned sales and marketing executive, previous to The Branden Blinn Media Group Bridget spent years developing sales and marketing strategies for various companies including several in the wine and spirits industry.


Ashley Eberbach, Producing Partner/Burn One Productions


Ashley Eberbach was born in Ann Arbor, MI before moving to Los Angeles in 2004 to build her work as an independent filmmaker. She is an award winning Director/Writer/Producer and the owner of  Burn One Productions LLC- an independent production company specializing in film, music videos, and commercial content.   A multi-talented phenomenon, Ashley has produced, assistant directed and been involved with the photography, supervision and creative development of TBBMG's productions since its early days.

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