38,000,000 YouTube views

100,000 YouTube subscribers

(These figures were achieved with zero advertising.)


The above trailer was originally uploaded onto YouTube on March 23, 2018.  In the first week it garnered 13,000 views.  One week later, on Saturday, March 31, 2018, it received 35,000 views on that one day alone...

with 38,000,000 YouTube views to date and

100,000 subscribers

These figures were achieved with zero advertising.


We believe that we have demonstrated a completely viable market for our very specific brand of LGBTQ content and are currently seeking participation of $2,879,000 in order to launch an male bi-sexual specific subscription based channel, populated by the same type of content that has proven successful on our YouTube channel.   Ours is a generous offering including 80%-through-full return on initial participation, with a profit participation of up to 50% equity share on the balance of profits until 200% is returned, and 25% until 300% is returned, proportionally sliding down to a 10% net return for the life of the slate.



For strategic opportunity and to Join us contact us at:  tbbmgfilmguy@tbbmgondemand.com  or by phone 310 883-8564