Ever Asking Synopsis

Christopher, David and Stanford Lacey have lived fortunate and uncomplicated lives.  In attendance at an elite East Coast boarding school, things begin to change when their new cousin enrolls mid-term into the school.  A black-sheep aunt's son from a previous marriage, John Tripler offers a welcome breath of untainted, non-blue blooded flair.  All this begins to change, however, when Mark Winter, Christopher's lifelong friend and roommate, begins displaying confusion around physical impulses, particularly in regards to John. 

Set against the backdrop of prestige and privilege, "Ever Asking" is a "Dead Poet's Society" meets "Stand By Me" meets "The Outsiders," where the outsiders are Insiders and class struggles are dwarfed by issues of sexual identity and the universality of every individual's journey to be whole, accepted by their peers and to love and be loved in return.