SWELL  the central character of the series is tall, handsome and charismatic.  Everyone seems to be attracted to SWELL and it seems as though everyone wants to bed him, be it Gay/Straight/Male/Female.  SWELL both thrives from the attention, while simultaneously also appearing to be completely indifferent to it.  He has complete power over the women who strive to hold sway over him.  While SWELL is open to attention of any kind, from anyone, and is a bit of a flirt, it is clear that his predominant attraction is and always will be, to women.   For these reasons and more, when BRETT enters SWELL’S life, a Pandora’s box is opened, revealing a whole new world of possibilities that nobody could have ever predicted, especially SWELL  

ROBERT lifelong soul mate and best friend of SWELL, who is also strapping and handsome, though much more reserved than his BFF.  Where SWELL thrives on attention, ROBERT is embarrassed by it.  But ROBERT also possesses the strength of character that Swell seems to lack.  People can and do rely on ROBERT.  He’s consistent in his actions and solid in his approach.  During those more rare times when he does become unraveled, it almost seems humorous, as it is  so out of character for ROBERT 

BRETT is married with children.  He is successful in his own right, a powerful investigator who knows the ins and outs of every situation, except for the emotional dilemma which was borne from an interaction that he had with SWELL.  This dilemma plagues him more and more with each passing day.  BRETT is a kind, thoughtful, and thorough business professional who seems to have complete control over himself except when in the presence of SWELL.  BRETT is passionate, forthright and forthcoming, though he is also increasingly determined to both uncover, and to conquer everything put in front of him, although he doesn’t always think before he leaps 

SAMMY a quiet, tatted, pierced, muscular, solid framed local boy SAMMY is shy, and quiet, though there is a whole other world going on behind those sweet, big brown eyes.  There is a bond and loyalty between SWELL and SAMMY that even they don’t understand.   SAMMY is an accomplished sous chef who worked his way up from dishwasher, and has achieved success because of his love of the “job.”   SAMMY typically keeps to himself, fights himself, and will do anything to keep his attention off aspects of himself that he both fears and can't control.  He is increasingly forced to come to terms with these issues and more. 

SLIM  is a dynamic, hairy, somewhat overweight fireplug of a man who is fun and fun-loving.  He loves food, loves women, and makes no bones about it.  His only problem is that he has a hard time getting them…women.   Everybody who knows slim LOVES SLIM afterall what's not to like.  

EVERETT SWELL’S older brother, EVERETT is SWELL's many years older than him brother who he still supports.  EVERETT, who seems to have the answers for everything and cannot be trusted for anything, speaks his mind unabashedly, but has also learned the consequences of having a big mouth the hard way, and therefore he now sometimes seems to think things through before he reacts.  EVERETT cannot seem to hold a steady job, but survives by talking his way in and out of every situation.   He has an opinion for everything and doesn’t care what others think. 

JENN  SWELL’S long term cougar girlfriend is a beautiful, tall, lean Hapa Haole.  She is the type of girl that men fear and women hate.  Successful in her career as a litigator, JENN’S power over men both scares them and turns them on.   Jenn is strong and self-assured, and a force to be reckoned with.

CYNTHIA is BRETT’S wonderful wife and devoted mother to their two children.  CYNTHIA is authentically sweet, nurturing, nourishing and caring.  Her service to her life and her family seems to fuel her.  She is the kind of girl every parent wants his or her son to marry, and nobody wants to see CYNTHIA hurt.  She is admired by anyone who meets her, not because of what they want to get from her, but what they instinctively have to give.   Everybody wants to take care of CYNTHIA, especially BRETT, who must first learn to battle the two equally compelling forces of nature within himself.  

STACY the long time girlfriend of ROBERT, STACY is gorgeous, mischievous, fun-loving, present, sexy as hell, free thinking and a lover of life.  Stacy’s glass is always half full even when it is completely empty.  She is professional, experimental, and only knows how to live life fully.  Her fondness and enthusiasm for life is contagious, and everyone wants what she seems to have, including, ROBERT.

CYBIL  is the lifelong childhood friend of SAMMY, CYBIL is a beautiful, exquisite transgendered female.  Wise beyond her years, her only dilemma in life is wanting the one man she will never be able to have.

KAWIKA is a tall, handsome, strapping, Hawaii local man.  He is a firefighter and a family man (albiet and LGBTQ family man).  He is one of SWELLs closest friends from the firehouse and now seems destined to actually become part of the "family."